Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busy few weeks

Where do I start?

I guess from the obvious... WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!

Our house was a labour of love (and lots of $$$$).  You see we wanted to buy street and not house so off we went and 8 years ago we bought a very average house in a very very nice street!

Our renovation was too much to do in one stage, it had to be done over 3 years and we decided to live in the house whilst we were renovating and not do the smart thing and move out!  Insane I say and you agree, no doubt!  The potential was there... 1932 solid brick house with all the original architraves and beautiful timber floors.  Over the years though previous owners put their mark on it.  So the original leadlight windows taken out and "federation" windows be put in... a nineties kitchen... an eighties bathroom... the list goes on and on...

3 stages, 3 years and it was complete.  Some days I think the best thing for us to do would have been to demolish and building a new place.  It would have been cheaper and easier... I am old school and easy isn't necessarily my way!  I love old houses, the character, the history, the charm you can't replicate with new properties.

So after being here for 8 years in a few weeks we move... To where you say?  I don't know I reply!

It will have to have old bones and loads of character... hopefully not so much work this time round!

Chat soon!


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