Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eating in Bali!

I love Bali... very well known fact!  That I visit Bali any opportunity I get... another well known fact!  I love nice food... yeap... you all know that as well!  So what a better combination... me, Bali and many amazing restaurants!

My most recent visit saw me first go to Jimbaran Bay.  The beautiful, quiet romantic Jimbaran Bay with the plethora of seafood restaurants along the beach.  

There I discovered this amazing place called Balique!

Balique - I loved the amazing decor, I would describe it as "rustic Colonial" one thing is for sure it is full of charm.  The food was a combination of salads, tapas, pizza, indonesian, pasta and standard mains.  My husband and I loved this place so much we came twice.  If you are around anywhere near Jimbaran well worth the visit... and make sure you order the White Spiced Sangria to share... amazing!  They have another restaurant very similar to Balique (including the menu) in Seminyak called Bistrot.

Seminyak... Ahhh... where do I start... Okay...

Ku de ta - right on Seminyak beach the perfect spot for some people watching,  sip cocktails, watermelon and basil! watch the sunset and then go to the restaurant and enjoy the most amazing goats cheese and beetroot salad!   Everyone who is anyone goes there... A trip to Bali is not complete without a visit to Ku De Ta!

Potato Head - the bunker style exterior hides this fun buzzing place.  Get early grab one of the banana lounges by the pool and enjoy the day sipping cocktails!  Of course the food is pretty good as well!  Not a big fan of burgers but their burger was pretty awesome! The evenings there are pretty good as well! Great cocktail!  Again a pretty glamorous place and if you have a Camilla kaftan this is the place to wear it!

Biku - You have to come here for afternoon tea... A MUST!  For approximately $10 AUD per person you will have a beautiful array of scones, sandwiches, quiches, cupcake and petite fours, a choice of tea or iced tea or for a little bit more enjoy a glass of champagne as well!  Perfect!  There are books and gifts to purchase.  You can even have your tarot cards read or if you are anything like my friend Laura you can buy the most amazing candelabras for a steal!

Sarong - A beautiful restaurant with amazing interiors that specialises in South East Asian cuisine.  The food is beautifully cooked and presented and so is the ambience.  It's here that you can dress up really nicely for!  I would strongly recommend you book Sarong as soon as you arrive, it's that popular! Oh and they have amazing cocktails as well!!!

Sardine - Officially Sardines isn't in Seminyak but it's in Kerokoban, close enough, $3.00 in a taxi! Set in rice fields it is such a beautiful restaurant, amazing food the decor is spectacular as well.  My husband and I had an amazing meal, beautiful cocktails in this most traditional Balinese setting of the ricefields.  I loved the service, food, ambience, everything!  Highly recommend it, just be cautious the wine can be quiet exy... stick to the cocktails I say! 

Motel Mexicola -  New kid on the block, and WOW!  what a place... from the moment you walk in and face the "altar" you know you are in for a fun night.  As the name suggests it's Mexican... not your typical nachos and tacos, but more street, modern Mexican!  I also loved the kitchy/retro decor!  I could have been taking photos of the whole place!  Go go go there!

Sea Circus - this bar/restaurant/cafe is very very popular... and I know why!  The food is great, especially if you are like me and like fresh light food.  An extensive breakfast menu including a section dedicated to "Hangovers". They have an amazing gelato bar as well and it seemed very family friendly.  The day we went there were heaps and heaps of families!  And they have a mean pineapple juice!

I have missed heaps of other places... I guess I could easily do a part 2 of this post!  Easy!

One thing I have to say, Bali is jam-packed with amazing bars/cafes/restaurant whose standards are very high and are run by some world class chefs.  You will have no problem find great places to eat!  So the best things to go is visit Bali, and sample them for yourself!

Chat soon!


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