Monday, February 18, 2013

Addiction No. 3

Can you have too many candles?  My answer is "no"!  I have them everywhere!

I have them in the kitchen, bathroom, by my bed, in the lounge, dining room, at my shop... EVERYWHERE!

I always have spares at home, you never know when you might need them!  They are the perfect present, thank you gift, hostess gift, birthday, just-because gift, YEAP, any gift!  There is always the odd spare candle or 10 in some cupboard at home!

What is it with that?

My favourites...

Glasshouse  limited edition Coney Island Burnt Sugar & Fig

Love the beautiful scent of fig and I LOVE DIPTYQUE

Tigerlily - Vivi Candle - Coconut Lime Lemon! Summer in a Candle

Buddha Bum (cute name!) Frangapani- Summer!  Say no more!

As you have ascertained I love fig, summer scents all year round!  And to my family and friends hint! hint! hint!

Chat soon!


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