Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fringes (Bangs) Yes or No?

How amazing did Michelle Obama look during the inauguration???

One thing that was on everyones lips was how fresh and youthful this fabulous woman looked!  And all because of a new hair style... Especially the FRINGE!

Kim Kardashian had a clip on before she went a head and cut hers...

A side swept fringe for Rachel Bilson's up-do...

Thick and luxurious for Rose Byrnes...

and how amazing is Jessica Biels (everything is amazing about that woman!)...

Ashley Olsen has that sexy tussled look....

Cameron Diaz has her fringe blending in with your layered mid length bob...

Edgy and short for this blunt shoulder length bob on Krysten Ritter....

Zooey has the most amazing hair and makes it effortless with this long relaxed do with a fringe...

and of course Bridget Bardot...

So the question is to fringe or not to fringe?  If you are anything like me I start growing my fringe out the moment I cut it...

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Fashion Hits... and misses!

Yeah!!! Award season has arrived... and with it the Award fashions... fashion... fashion... fashion... couture... couture... couture... mmmm.... Let's get on with it!!!!

In the category of best dressed the nominees are:

Amy Adams in Marchessa... LOVE

Loved Amy's complete look!  She called it "ballerina pink"

Isla Fisher... so elegant! Loved her look in Reem Acra

The right hair, lip, make-up! Perfect!

Another actress styled to perfection is Anne Hathaway in Chanel & Chanel accessories !
Normally not on my style radar, this is a surprise from Taylor Swift in this eggplant
Donna Karan Atelier!

Nicole Ritchie can do no wrong!  Hard to believe that this is the same girl from a decade
ago!  Love this Naeem Khan dress although not sure of the eye make-up....

Katharine McPhee looked spectacular in this Theysken's Theory
black plunging dress!  Great effort for a first timer at the Globes

Plunging can be elegant if done correctly!

Okay if I were to go to an award night this is what I would wear!
Kerrin Washington got it so right with this Miu Miu with Prada
accessories... Loving the colour and sheerness! 

And the winner is ... Emily Blunt!  She looks amazing in this cut-out, studded Michael Kors dress... Perfection!

And the misses....  I have to say this year was a pretty good fashion year at the Golden Globes a few average moments and there were some that I thought were very average... a few risk takers and they have to be applauded even if they fail...( so I won't include those!)... my not so favourite outfits are...

Good for a wedding dress but not for awards!

Not sure if Alyssa Milano is pregnant but the colour fabric
and design are very unflattering!

Oh Giuliana and you are on Fashion Police! Too goth!

Even though its Vera Wang too much fabric for the petite
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Lena Dunham is the IT girl at the moment and even though
I love Zac Posen this dress is so wrong for her colour & shape.

I was expecting so much from Jessica Chastain and even
though I love the colour (Sea Foam) It does nothing for her
and as for the hair... not a good look at all!

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera - a bold and daring
choice but I think its too much dress again!

Halle Berry has done this look to death... it is so 2001!

JLo! JLo! JLo! so tacky girl!  You can do so much better!  Please refer to Kerri
Washington... that is how its done!
I have to disclose that all of these are my  thoughts and opinions, a fashion tragic who finds it at times so reward to see these amazing ladies get it so right and so frustrating when they get it so wrong!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

brooke shields!

As a 70's child, I feel that Brooke Shields has always been around... For someone now in their 40s, she has has been in the front of the camera since she was 11 months old.  Now she is a woman of great conviction and taste.

After inspecting many brownstone properties in Manhattan,  she knew straight away that  the derelict 1910 building with a ramshackle '60s addition could be converted into a stylish modern yet traditional, character filled home for her and her family. 

Brooke Shields in her Greenwich Village 1910 townhouse

Gorgeous portraits of Brooke's daughter take centre stage in the living room

The vintage Louis Vuitton trunk was a gift from the actress's
husband Chris Henchy

The Master bedroom

Brooke wardrobe utilises the space effectively with the use of

The master bathroom includes a free standing bath by the window

The guest bedroom

The sitting room 

I love everything about this formal dining room especially
the pedestal vintage Ralph Lauren Home table

A pop of colour of the kitchen chairs!

Brooke being mum!

Some amazing photography by the likes of Annie Lebovitz of Brooke and her daughters,
along with my other great photos by great photographers

This drawing was used as wrapping paper given to the actress

Love the 1860s Chinese console

An antique secretary in the study

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse into Brooke Shields home!

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All images are by Architectural Digest 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Reading.... Grace by Grace Coddington

can't wait to get stuck into this
If you are a magazine/fashion tragic like me you must have seen "the September Issue", the fly on the wall documentary of the biggest Vogue issue of each year.  If you have seen that you will definitely remember the flame-haired Creative Director of US Vogue, Grace Coddington.

with Anna Wintour at a fashion show
The documentary show-cased her amazing talent and fierce dedication and turned the  publicity adverse ex-model to a reluctant star.  What many didn't know is that Grace was a star way before that... She epitomised her profession as a model in the '60, with many covers in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, as well be the darling of the fashion set!

Grace in her modelling days gracing the cover of Vogue
Grace by Grace Coddington is the memoir of this amazing lady, a memoir that spans 50 years in the fashion industry.  And I am so looking forward to getting stuck into it this weekend!

Will let you know how it goes!

Chat soon!