Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Giuliana and Bill Rancic New House!

I love looking a peoples homes, it tells you so much about their personalities and of course I love interiors.  I especially love looking into celebrity homes as there generally is a great decorator involved and no expense spared!  One of those celebrity couples who recently had a new house built is one of my favourite couples, E's Giuliana & Bill Rancic.

Giuliana, Bill and Edward Duke on his christening!

We were there when she met her Bill, when she married him in that amazing wedding in Capri, Italy!  There when they built their first house, we were also there in her very public attempts to get pregnant.  There through Giuliana's public battle with breast cancer (very brave lady!).  We rejoiced with their public gestational suggorate pregnancy, and birth of baby Edward Duke! 

So I guess its no surprise that we feel like we know these two quite well, so when they built their new house in L.A. to welcome baby Edward Duke to the world,  had to be there and have a look at their gorgeous family home, designed by the amazingly talented Lonni Paul...

The white cupboards make this kitchen/meals area very spacious

I love the yellow of the lemons as a pop of colour in this otherwise all white kitchen

Giuliana wanted glamour and plushness and it is so achieved in this glamorous
sitting room

Grey with white detailing in the dinning room

The living room is elegant but also very comfortable 
Love the Herme throw rug along with the artwork!  What a
beautiful corner

The crisp white bedding contrasts brilliantly against the dark timber and walls

There are the personalised details scattered around the house

Giuliana's wardrobe... Okay I want!

Edward Duke Rancic, the initials on the cot

Giuliana & Bill didn't want your traditional baby boy room, instead they opted for
a nautical relaxed room and feel for Edward Duke's nursery!

The chevron striped rug pulls the room together. Quite a sophisticated nursery.

The all-white bathroom works so well with the rest of the house (I LOVE the leather upholstered
stool with the stud detailing!)

The water full feature on the pool

The lush private surroundings of the pool created by the stone and greenery 

 I personally love their colour palette, it's such a "ME" colour palette, in saying that I feel that the nursery needs some colour, like a red or yellow or aqua to go with the theme...

What do you think?

Chat soon!



  1. It's my color pallette too! Love the blog

    1. I really like their stylist have seen other houses that she has decoratored and its amazing! Glad you like the blog!

  2. Everything just looks downright classy! You are right about the nursery - it needs more bright colors. But then again, they did want to move away from traditional baby rooms, so there’s that. I say everything else more than compensates for that small detail, especially that sitting room and dining room.

    Kristopher @ Paramount Title