Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hair Up

Every time I go to my hairdresser and she is about the bring the scissors out, I always ask the same question... "Can I still have it back in a ponytail?..." I love having my hair in a ponytail!  

Always have, always will do! 

Love the pulled back severe sleek look, like my daughter Benita wore so well for her formal, love the more relaxed look that looks like you just pulled in all back but you know took hours to do! Short ponytails or long... love both the simplicity and sophistication that ponytails conjure!

Jessica Biel's totally relaxed loose ponytail!

Pulled back and i love the headband

High and casual by Rachel Bilson

How cute is this look by Minka

Classy and elegant by Reece

Julianne Hough style is formal without being stiff

Benita's sleek high ponytail at her formal

Of course we couldn't do something about hair with Jen's amazing tresses!

What do you think?  Up or down?

Chat soon!


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