Sunday, September 23, 2012

Citrus... The New Black at the Emmys

Up and in front of the telly this morning at 9.00am watching the Emmys... gotta love school holidays!

Love watching who is wearing whom, who looks D-I-V-I-N-E and who is OMG! disaster... (funny thing is they pay stylists thousands, they shouldn't get it so wrong!)

So watching today I noticed a gorgeous trend of some amazing colours... lemon, yellow, tangerine, orange, chartreuse and on the beautiful tanned skinned (they are coming out of their summer!) it looks amazing... 

Julie Bowen from Modern Family looked anything like
her character in this beautifully fitted Monique Lhullier dress

One thing is for sure... Julianne Moore is NOT afraid of colour!
She looks amazing as always in this Christian Dior Couture citron dress!

A pregnant (where?)  Claire Danes glowed in this
draped Lanvin dress, she stated that she loved the fact that
it needed no alteration!

Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef looked amazing in  this classic
mermaid fit dress from Monique Lhuillier.  How great does the colour
look against her skin!

Cat Deeley from So you think you can dance, looked sensational
 in this tangerine number, not sure about the fit though!

Still trying to decide on my favourite look... its between these two!

Leslie Mann rarely disappoints, especially this year in this two-toned
Naeem Khan gown!  I LOVE the delicate white floral beading of the
bodice against the simple elegance of the simple skirt!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Another actress that seems to have it right most times is Ginnifer Goodwin.
She too is wearing  Monique Lhuillier but this time rather than going classical like we've
seen from others she is going for a more avante garde modern look!
I love the appliquedetailing of the dress
 and its simple almost retro elegance! 

What are your thoughts?

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds - the ring

For a low key affair/engagement/wedding... the ring is huge!  Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds showed some PDA the day after their wedding and at the same time showcased THE RING!

The beautiful diamond ring is designed by celebrity jeweler  Loraine Schwatz, and it features a 12 carat light pink center diamond on a pave diamond band!  Blake's wedding band is also designed by Loraine Schwatz and its a rose gold band with diamonds...

Arhhhh!  A girl can dream....

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Ultimate Bra Guide...

Did you know that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra?

WOW! And as someone who has a big bust, I should know... I wore a bra that I haven't for a while and 2 days later my shoulders are still uncomfortable!

I was reading an article by Susan Nethero, a woman who has fitted over 125,000 breasts including the Queen and Oprah Winfrey, about the most common mistakes women make when buying/wearing a bra and wanted to share with you...

1. Baggy back = too much slack: The back band of your bra provides 90 percent of the support, so the ideal fit should be firm yet comfortable. When such bands are too loose, the back of the bra rises up, causing breasts to sag. This "see-saw" effect also can emphasize what every woman wants to hide: unsightly back fat.
2.  Resisting revolution: As women age they often need to alter our skincare, makeup and even our hairstyle. The same holds true when it comes to bras. Thanks to weight loss and gain, nursing and hormonal changes, a bust line can change at least six times throughout a woman's life. For optimum style and comfort, make sure you get fitted for a bra yearly.
3. There is no perfect bra: Buying a bra may take a little time. Don't just get the one your best friend raves about -- everyone's body is different. To find the most flattering fit, be sure to try on several styles. Tip: Slip on a shirt so you can see how your shape will appear when dressed.
4. Don't be a softy: Most women find underwire bras to be uncomfortable, so they make the mistake of wearing a soft, non-underwire cup. The problem? There's not enough support, especially for full-figured gals. A properly fitted underwire bra should rest comfortably against your rib cage with a soft cotton casing. The end result: lift, support and comfort!
5. The big bind: Minimizing bras, commonly worn by big-busted women, actually bind and compress breast tissue, resulting in a loss of firmness. To appear taller, smaller-breasted and even pounds slimmer, voluptuous ladies should stick with bras that lift and center the bust line.
6. Confusing cups: Wearing the wrong-size cup is a common mistake. The telltale signs? Breasts that spill over, or worse yet, breasts that don't fill out the cups (resulting in wrinkles). Ideally, cup sizes should be proportional to the body frame.
7. You get what you pay for: Department stores and specialty boutiques often carry low-quality, poorly made bras that fit badly. Higher-quality brands, which offer more size options, are designed for real women's shapes and sizes.
8. Self-service slip-up: Don't sacrifice service, style and comfort because you're embarrassed to ask for help when buying a bra. Go ahead, ask questions! You'll be much happier (and more comfortable) in the long run.
9. De-compressed breasts: Athletic women often rely on sports bras, which compress rather than support. A sports bra with seams, shape and cup depth will prevent jiggling while jogging.
10. Forever free of seams: While seamless bras are comfortable and look great under your tight T-shirt, wearing them daily is a bad idea. Give your girls the support they need. Since seamed bras offer more support, try alternating between the two.

Meanwhile, a permanent favourite in our family, Victoria's Secret, share the different style bras in the marketplace... 

PUSH-UP- Has serious degrees of padding to give you a fuller cleavage and boost
FULL-COVERAGE- A maximum support bra, full coverage
DEMI- A more revealing bra, as the name suggest "half-bra"
MULTI-WAY- It has variable strap option, from strapless to any way as the straps can be adjusted
WIRE-LESS- No wires in this bra, a very basic bra, good for the young ones starting out, no support

 I hope this has been informative and helpful to you!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hair Up

Every time I go to my hairdresser and she is about the bring the scissors out, I always ask the same question... "Can I still have it back in a ponytail?..." I love having my hair in a ponytail!  

Always have, always will do! 

Love the pulled back severe sleek look, like my daughter Benita wore so well for her formal, love the more relaxed look that looks like you just pulled in all back but you know took hours to do! Short ponytails or long... love both the simplicity and sophistication that ponytails conjure!

Jessica Biel's totally relaxed loose ponytail!

Pulled back and i love the headband

High and casual by Rachel Bilson

How cute is this look by Minka

Classy and elegant by Reece

Julianne Hough style is formal without being stiff

Benita's sleek high ponytail at her formal

Of course we couldn't do something about hair with Jen's amazing tresses!

What do you think?  Up or down?

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