Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arm Candy

Some call it arm candy others call it arm party... it really doesn't it's all the same thing!

What is that? Basically the layering of different bangles, bracelets & watch. The more the merrier! What is the rule on how to do it?  There is no rule... put what you like and have fun with it! That's what I do!

Some of my favourite looks...

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nina Proudman love!

Okay I admit it,  like most women in Australia I am totally and utterly hooked on "Offspring"!  I can't wait to get my weekly fix of Nina Proudman, her 70s inspired fashions, her effortless style, her uber-gorgeous boyfriend, her crazy family!  On the night it's on, I will plan my night (Wednesday night) around Offspring... no phone or laptop or talking, only between ads and that is for Benita and I to dissect what is taking place!

What is it about "Offspring"? Or more importantly... What is it about Nina Proudman?

Nina's Style:

There are facebook pages, blogs and pinterest pages dedicated to Nina's unique sense of style... In a few words I love the ecclectic, retro inspired, simple clothes. Nina's effortless look is accentuated  by great great layering Items and vintage accessories (think Samantha Wills) A great pair of jeans, colourful tank tops, a pair of high boots (preferably tan),  a great collection of scarves, some coloured short cropped jackets, floaty skirts, cardis and a good-sized tan leather satchel worn over the shoulder... there you have it!  Nina's wardrobe in a nutshell... and yes I have attempted the "look" many times. 

Nina's House:

Totally loving the boho styled warehouse. Love everything about the interior...  

The ecclectic accessories

The boho warehouse style

Ahhh... the kitchen with its amazingly huge windows and industrial pendant lights

the Aga...

intriguing art work from Rosetta Santucci

The green front door...

So there you have it, now we just have to wait for ages to get our next fix of the Offspring, totally suffering withdrawal symptoms!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Gwyneth...

I love the polish look.  The minimal hair do, the less is more approach to make up, the classic lines in clothes and shoes.  Of course one person that always gets it so right is my style crush Gwyneth Paltrow.  Who can forget her amazing look at this years Oscars!

One aspect that really accentuated her look was the relatively simple approach to her hair.  Here is a clip that I found very interesting on Paula Joyce Lifestyled blog that shows you how to do that low ponytail look with minimal time and effort!  My kinda thing!

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