Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paris Je t'aime

I love Paris! I love everything about Paris!  It's architecture, cuisine, fashion, language, culture, arrogance, Chanel, side streets, markets, EVERYTHING!

Even though I was born in Europe, and have visited various cities in Europe over the years, I have never visited Paris!  I have always held Paris for that one special occassion, like a milestone birthday or anniversary where I can really celebrate it and always remember the event and the city.  I want Paris to be my destination not my pitstop through Europe.  I want to go to Paris to immerse myself there. I want a sensory overdrive... the sights, the smells, the sounds... all of it.  I want to live it, love it and really enjoy it!

Ever since I got the travel bug at the age of 17, the places I have really wanted to visit have been New York, Mykonos, Venice and Paris.  New York, Mykonos and Venice have been all that I expected and more, so I confident that Paris will not disappoint me.

For know I can dream and anticipate that in a couple of years I will be there... I guess it gives me time to brush up on my French!

Chat soon!


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