Monday, April 23, 2012

Addiction No 2

At the tender age of 17 I was first introduced to my addiction... by my stylish and sophisticate aunt.  She was always well dress, well travelled and always immaculately groomed.  From the first moment it was love at first sight!  

My addiction is Chanel's  2.55 bag.  

There is no bag like it.  It spells sophistication, class, elegance and from that day on I wanted to own one!  I had to wait 25 years but I got it!  

This bag was created by the legendary Gabriela 'Coco' Chanel in 1929.  Like most of her designs it was her need of comfort that created this legend.  Coco Chanel was sick of holding her bag, she wanted a bag that allowed her hands to be free. After her successful comeback in 1954, the 2.55 legend was relaunched.

The 2.55 bag gets its name from the month and year it was relaunched, February 1955.

There are many distinct features on this bag:
The burgundy lining was inspired by the uniforms of the convent where she grew up.
The backside of the back has a flap opening which she used to store her money or her opera tickets.
The is a zipper compartment on the front of the inside and apparently she used that to store her love letters.
The diamond pattern on the outside is said to be inspired by many things, her apartment in Paris, the stained windows of the Abbey in Aubazine, or even the riding jackets of jockeys.

Over the years there have been numerous variances, leather, fabric, denim, shell... all sort of different mediums but the black leather is the most popular by far!

I love the legend, the romance and the myths that surround not only Gabriela 'Coco' Chanel but her famous bag.  I am very lucky that my family appreciate my addiction and bought me a beautiful black one.  And like all addictions, you want more... I hope I don't have to wait another 25 years to get a blush coloured one!

Chat soon!


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