Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treat yourself! That is what I will be doing!

As a parent of teenagers I, and many other parents, give so much of ourselves that some days there is nothing left!  I have been feeling like that for a long long time, especially since before Christmas!

Between my kids school commitments and their social life, some days I feel there is no time (or money) left for me! Also being a business owner is not as glamorous as some people believe it to be.  There is the shop, financial, buying, ordering, paperwork, more paperwork and even more paperwork!  So as a  reward to myself, now that my buying season is almost done, I have made the executive decision that every week I will treat myself to something just for ME!

It can be anything... a long leisurely lunch with my friends on a Friday... I love having Fridays off! Love taking the time to enjoy a huge wine/food/chat session with the girls... I normally allow an hour but three hours later still there... you know the ones I am talking about!  The ones where you are only having a glass of wine and then two bottles later...
these girls really know how to do lunch!

Love a luxurious massage, it has to be at least an hour long and none of those intense muscle therapeutic massages for me!  Nope, no way, it has to be nice and comfortable with beautiful scents and candles, maybe the odd hot stone but that is as strenuous as it gets!

yes please! yes please!

Thoroughly enjoy my mani and pedis.  Funny enough I enjoy having those with either my daughter or a friend.  Love the place we go to.  It's always busy but they always manage to find the time to fit you in, and a sister/cousin/mother/aunt of the owner will quickly and efficiently do your toes and nails.  For me it's a regular pedi, always with a dark nail colour and lots of scrubbing, love smooth heals.  As for my mani it's always a Shellac, love my Shellac and yes it does work!  The fact that it's as quick as a regular mani and it lasts for two weeks is amazing.  A light colour for the fingers, a nude or off white, soft pink and the only-for-special-occassions-when-nails-are-short red.  

Kimmy loves her mani's!
Sometimes even a nice long breakfast and coffee on my own at one of my favourite places Cafeteria in Black Rock is perfect.   I always manage to see someone I know but even if I don't love the luxury of reading the papers or a magazine eating my poached eggs and avocado with my skinny large latte is enough!

I have Friday off this week and even though I have one business appointment I think it will be a combination of breakfast and the mani/pedi session for this girl here!

How do you treat yourself?

Chat soon!


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