Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Beauty

As an ex make-up artist I get constantly asked, "what's the best foundation?" "what mascara gives you the longs/thickest/darkest lashes...?" "I need a lipstick that goes with everything..."... these questions and more will be answered right here...  Mind you this post I will focus on make-up, skin care will be for another post...


I find that it's one thing I use more than foundation now that I am gives you a smooth even complexion all has moisturising qualities.  I have two favourites

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser has a sheer lightweight formula with a hint of colour.  It is SPF 20 so no need for extra sunblock and comes in 10 different shades.  I love it!

Chanel Hydramax Tinted Moisturiser gives you a dewy glow with no heavy colour.  Definitely no orange here... This is one of my most used items in my make-up case.  I find that the coverage it gives you is more than enough! It comes in 3 shades and works well when you blend it with your moisturiser for an even more sheer look!


Chanel Perfection Lumiere the newest kid on the block from Chanel, I love the fact that it blends with not much effort, no streaky foundation here... another thing I love about it is that is last for a while... definitely a good one for brides and long functions!  It has an SPF 10 and it comes in 20 different shades!


MAC Studio Fix Concealer although its very creamy it gives great coverage to any blemish.  It's long lasting and a very small amount goes a long long way.  It also contains Silica which absorbs the skins natural oils.


YSL Touche Eclat, let's get this straight this product is not a concealer, it is an illuminator!  It DOES NOT cover up spots or blemishes, it is a highlighter.  I use it around the edge of the eyes, where your eye socket is, and it lights up the area around your eyes, it eliminates dark circles and fatigue.  Great for a quick fix!


DiorShow Black Out Mascara as someone who has short, fair lashes I am an expert on mascaras.  I never leave the house with it on so this is...THE BEST MASCARA! Enough said...


Stila Liquid Eyeliner is so easy to use even the most inexperienced person can do it.  It glides easily, has a very fine tip so you don't look like Cleopatra and lasts as its waterproof.  In saying that, it goes off easily with eye make-up remover!  Love it!


I have had to make this category quite specific because I find you need more than one eyeshadow or pack to work for specific things... so here are my personal favourites and what they are specifically good for:

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, like my mascara it's one product I can't live without.  As well as using this as my eyeshadow primer,  most days its the only eyeshadow I use.  Even though I don't have 'oily' eyelids it stops your eyeshadow creasing, goes on as a cream but gives a dewy look.  Love it and have referred so many people to this product.

Stila Smoky Eye Palette has 4 of the most amazing Stila colours.  The palette actually guides you as to how to create the smoky eye effect, at the same time giving 4 very good individual colours and one of my very favourites Kitten!

Nars Night Series Eye Shadow in Night Breed is Black with Silver glitter through it.  It is amazing for shading, highlighting and but what I love it the most is for its ability to be used as a liner.  You can use it with both a dry and damp brush... such a sexy colour!


Stila Convertible Colour in Peony a great item for your make-up kit.  Great cream blusher as well as an irresistible lipcolour.  Very sheer it gives you a great glow on your cheeks and a fulness to your lips.  A consistent winner of many awards.

Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Ecrin  is a very silky powder blush.  I won't even begin to describe the amazing compact it comes in!  The colour gives you the right amount of glow and colour without over doing it!  A great compliment to any kit!


MAC Lipglass in Lust I have about 5 of these, in my kit, at work and in at least 3 bags!  Great nude colour, gives your lips a nice real fulness.  It is a must have!

Clinique Different Lipstick No 96 Sweet Honey is a natural lip colour that lasts long and it doesn't stain your lips.  I love the creamy silky feeling that leaves your lips moisturised.  It is one of those lippys that you can wear with absolutely no other make-up! 

I hope this has answered many questions for you and although the products I have recommended are high end, I personally believe they wear really well and are my own favourite products.

Let me know what your favourite beauty products, I love trying out new things!

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  1. I'm glad I discovered this post of yours as I'm on the hunt for a new tinted moisturiser. I currently have a Clarins one and while I love the colour, it tends to be a bit heavy and only has a low SPF. I might give the ones you've suggested a try...

  2. Amanda happy to hear! Let me know how you go!